BiblePro 12.1

Comprehensive freeware for reading and studying the Scriptures
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BiblePro is very comprehensive free software for reading and studying the Bible. It has many interesting features that enhance your Bible-reading experience. First of all, its interface is very easy to use; it has a lot of buttons, making it very intuitive. Also, the software has a powerful searh engine: if you know the Bible chapter and verse, you can simply type them in the box and the software will find them for you.
One of the most interesting features is the inclusion of many additional books and commentaries that complement your reading. For example, BiblePro includes the two most popular English translations of the Scripture: King James' and American Standard, allowing you to compare both versions simultaneously. It also includes several Bible dictionaries that allow you to find the meaning of various Biblical words and where you can find them, i.e., chapter and verse. These links are pointer-sensitive, meaning that you can read the Biblical text only by placing the cursor on the link. If you click on it, the version(s) opened will show the Bible quote in its chapter context. It also features several commentaries by reputable authors. You can add your own comments, too.
If you are a cleric, priest or scholar, or simply enjoy reading the Scriptures, this software is for you.

Victor Hernandez
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  • Very comprehensive, contains many tools, commentaries and additional books


  • There are some ads and a startup screen recommending you to order the free CD
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